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Public Training FAQs

In-House Training FAQs

Qualifications FAQs

Distance Learning FAQs



Public Training FAQs

Where are the courses held?

Each course is held in a high quality central city hotel venue


Is lunch included?

Yes, lunch is included for delegates on all courses that span the lunch period.


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by cheques and bank transfers.


Can we pay for the training course by credit/debit card?

PDP does not currently accept payments by card.


Is a discount available for multiple delegates attending the same course?

Yes, discounts are available for multiple delegates attending from your organisation on the same course, on the same date, when booked at the same time. 10% discount is available for additional delegates booked at the same time. 


Can I reserve a place while I wait for a Purchase Order number to be raised that I need you to include on the invoice?

PDP does not accept provisional bookings. Your booking is confirmed when we send you an invoice. If you need us to include a PO number on your invoice, please supply us with this information at the time of booking.


Are your courses available on an in-house basis?

Yes, each of the courses can be supplied to your staff at your own premises or at a venue of your choosing. We can also tailor a course, or create a new course, to suit the needs of your staff. Please contact us for more information and see the In-House Training FAQs below.


What happens if I need to cancel my course?

Please see the Terms & Conditions for information on course cancellations.


What happens if PDP cancels a course?

PDP rarely cancels courses. Where we do so it is due to circumstances beyond our control. Where this happens you will be given as much notice as we can supply (usually at least 10 days), and you will be able to choose between re-booking the course for a later date or a full refund. 


I have already attended one or more of the courses that comprise the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection. Can I use these courses as credit towards gaining the Certificate?

Yes, please see the Qualifications section below for more details.

In-House Training FAQs

Are your courses available on an in-house basis?

Yes, each of the courses can be supplied to your staff at your own premises or at a venue of your choosing. We can also tailor a course, or create a new course, to suit the needs of your staff. Please contact us for more information.


Can the course be tailored to suits the needs of my organisation?

Yes, we can tailor a public course to suit the particular needs of your organisation. We can also design a new course to meet the specifications that you require.


What are the fees for in-house training?

Please contact us so that we can give you a quotation. We will need to know your location, the type of course that you require, the preferred duration for the course (e.g. half-day, full day) and the approximate number of delegates.

Qualifications FAQs

Does the fee include entry into the Examination?

Yes, the fee is fully inclusive of tuition, all study materials and the Examination.


I have attended some of the required courses before. Will I be able to use those towards gaining certification?

Yes, any of the Compulsory or Elective courses that you have attended in the twelve months prior to your enrolment on the Practitioner Certificate Programmes can be used towards completion of the Programme.


Is there a time period within which the courses must be taken?

Yes, the courses and examination must be completed within three years of enrolment.


Do I have to take the courses in a specific order?

Although it is not necessary to attend the courses in any particular order, you may find it helpful to attend the Level 1 course before attending the Level 2 course. If you are new to data protection, we strongly suggest that you attend the Levels 1 & 2 courses before attending the remaining three courses.


Can I get a discount on the Programme Fee if I have attended any of the Compulsory or Elective courses before?

Yes, a discount of €325 will be applied to your Programme Fee for each relevant course that you have attended previously. Please let us know, at the time of your enrolment, that you have already attended relevant training courses.


If I have attended all of the courses, but not yet enrolled on the Programme, can I sit the Exam?

Yes, where you have already completed all relevant courses, you can enrol on the Programme for the fee of €755.


Is a discount available for multiple delegates enrolling on the Programme?

A discount of 10% on the Programme Fee is available for each additional candidate from your organisation enrolling at the same time.


How can I be exempted from attending the Data Protection Essential Knowledge – Level 1 course?

Candidates who have worked in the field of data protection for at least two years are not required to attend the Data Protection Essential Knowledge – Level 1 course when completing the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection Programme. Candidates wishing to apply for the exemption must submit a letter signed by their current or previous employer attesting to their having worked in the field of data protection for at least two years.


Can the Programme be taken as an in-house course?

Yes, organisations with several candidates (a minimum of 6) to enrol on the Programme can have the training courses take place at their own premises. Please contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information. Please note that the Examination must be taken in Dublin by all candidates.


Is there a requirement to keep my qualification up to date?

Yes, the GDPR requires that data protection practitioners update their knowledge on a regular basis. Therefore as part of your obligations as a data protection professional, the Examination Board has determined that you are required to keep your PC.dp. qualification up to date ('Continuing Professional Development'). From the first anniversary of your being awarded the qualification, you are required to attend at least one ‘designated course’ per annum. For further information on the annual requirements, as well as a full list of the designated training courses, visit the dedicated Continuing Professional Development webpage.


Can I put letters after my name?

Once you have completed the Programme, including passing the Examination, the designation “PC.dp.” can be used to show that you are a Certified Data Protection Practitioner.


Can I re-sit the Exam if I do not pass it?

Yes, you can apply to sit the Exam again. The fee for re-sitting the Exam is €375 plus VAT.


How can I enrol on the Programme?

Applications can be made by telephoning PDP Training on telephone: +353 (0)1 695 0405 or via the online booking form for the Practitioner's Certificate in Data Protection


Distance Learning FAQs

Is there a deadline to enrol?

There is no deadline to enrol.

What is the recommended timeframe for taking the Exam after enrolling?

The time that you take to study the materials will depend on how much time you have available, bearing in mind your other commitments. In many cases a period of three months might be sufficient to study the materials and prepare for the exam.

Do I have to attend a particular place to take the Exam?

No. You can take the exam from your home, office or wherever (and whenever) you wish. You will be given secure access to the exam through a dedicated online portal.

How long is the Exam?

You can choose a suitable time to take the exam. Once you have commenced the exam, you will have 2 hours of total online time in which to answer the questions.

How many times can I re-sit the Exam?

Should any candidate fail the examination, the examination can be re-taken twice more (a total of three times).

Can I start the learning process as soon as I have enrolled on the Distance Learning Programme?

As soon as you enrol, we will send you an invoice for the Programme. Your study materials will be sent you as soon as payment is received.

After enrolment, is there a time limit for taking the exam?

Most candidates choose to take the exam after they have completed study of the materials, which is usually within a few weeks of enrolment. However, you must take the examination within 3 years from your date of enrolment.



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