Annual Data Protection Conference - Dublin

     11th & 12th November 2021 - Dublin, Ireland



16th Annual Data Protection Compliance Conference



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Paul Lavery


McCann FitzGerald



John O'Dwyer Keynote: Breach Notifications - The DPC's New Rules

John O'Dwyer - Deputy Commissioner, Data Protection Commission

In October 2021, the DPC is updating the rules on when and how to notify breaches of data protection law. In his Keynote address, John O’Dwyer, Deputy Data Protection Commissioner, will describe these changes and what they mean for organisations. He will also provide delegates with practical tips on some aspects of data protection compliance that the DPC is keen to ensure organisations are taking seriously. 


Doug McMahon

Data Security & Cyber-Attacks - How You Can Prepare for Your Worst Day in the Office

Doug McMahon - Partner, McCann FitzGerald

Cybersecurity breaches are now commonplace and ransomware attacks are increasingly common. How can organisations prepare to handle the inevitable? This talk provides practical advice for DPOs expected to help their organisation anticipate cyber incidents.



Ronan Hayes

The Changing Role of the DPO

Ronan Hayes - Data Protection Manager, BCMGlobal ASI

The role of the DPO has evolved over the last three years in tandem with the evolution of the GDPR, enforcement, and the ever-increasing appetite for analytics and AI. In addition to data protection compliance, a DPO now needs a diverse skillset and knowledge of multiple disciplines. This talk explores this expansion of the role and the increasing involvement of the DPO at a strategic level, taking into account the potential for conflicts of interest.



Emerald de LeeuwHow to Design and Operationalise a Global Privacy Strategy

Emerald de Leeuw - Global Head of Privacy, Logitech

Data protection and privacy are no longer just about the GDPR. Many organisations are subject to other laws with a territorial scope such as California’s CCPA/CPRA, Brazil’s LGPD and China’s brand new Personal Information Protection Law. Where do you even start? This talk provides practical guidance on how you can design and implement a global privacy strategy that is scalable.


Pat Moran

Maintaining Data Trust: An Accident Waiting to Happen or a Strategic Goal to be Achieved?

Pat Moran - Partner, PwC

Organisations are retaining so much data that it is becoming a ticking time-bomb for investigations, subject access requests and data breaches. Very few take the bold decision to stop hoarding, and to go through a structured process to clean the data cupboards. This session provides practical guidance on the process to achieve this goal and maintain data trust.

Rosalyn Byrne

Navigating Data Protection Claims – Trends and Practical Guidance

Rosaleen Byrne - Partner, McCann FitzGerald

With individuals turning to courts for redress for data protection issues, anticipating, reacting to and handling these claims has become a critical part of managing data protection risks. This talk covers the types of claims currently in vogue, trends across Europe with judicial responses, and practical guidance on managing claims effectively.


Adam Finlay

What is a ‘TRA’ and when is it required?

Adam Finlay - Partner, McCann FitzGerald

Following Schrems II, organisations are grappling with the need for international data Transfer Risk Assessments. What are the essential components of these assessments? What tools are available? Where do you start? And how? This talk offers a practical approach to one of the most challenging aspects of international data transfers.

Mark Ellis

Understanding and Managing Data Protection Risk in Corporate Transactions

Mark Ellis - Senior Associate, McCann FitzGerald

With increasing regulatory action, data protection is becoming a greater focus of concern in M&A activity in European deals.  This talk will provide practical guidance on how to understand, and manage, the data protection risks which exist in potential M&A targets as well as which arise in the M&A process itself.




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"Excellent day! The presentations provided practical advice that will be useful in my day to day job."
Jason Palmer
AXA Life Europe Ltd


"Particularly useful was the guidance on formulation and structure of data protection policies."
Dan McDonnell
Co Carlow VEC


"Extremely helpful and well organised"
Jim O’Connell
Douglas Credit Union


"Each presentation had something important to reflect on"
Marie Cussen


"Content was excellent"
Philip Higgins
ESB Energy Solutions


"Very informative and enjoyable. The handouts are very good"
Stephen Nolan


"Excellent presentations"
Paul Dawson
Dublin City Council


"Good to hear about the new developments. Very passionate speakers"
Ann Smith
Chartered Accountants Ireland


"The presenters were very interesting."
Muriel Koyce
Sunbeam House Services


"I found the Conference to touch all the relevant areas for practitioners and something that I have no doubt will be utilised within my organisation"
Lynne Martin
Eirecom Limited


"Great mix of topics/issues relating to data protection."
Tony Hughes
Waterford Credit Union


"Good tips on outsourcing. The lessons learned from breaches was very useful."
Bernadette Ryan
Bord Gais Eireann


"Speakers were very knowledgeable and articulate"
Philip Higgins
ESB Electric


"It was well put together. Good speakers, content and venue. First class. Thank you."
Danny O’Donoghue
Bishopstown Credit Union

“Excellent conference… really interesting. You covered a multitude of topics which has given me a food for thought!”
Louise Colgen
Central Bank of Ireland


"Very useful and informative"
Cathal McDermott


"Great event. All speakers and presentations were compelling and relevant"
Brian Short
Irish Continental Group plc


"Informative as usual"
Helen Sheehan
Euromedic Diagnostics Ltd


"The theory and practical advice given were highly welcomed"
Ann Smith
Chartered Accountants Ireland


"The presenters were very interesting."
Judith Fanning


"The practicality of the subjects was brilliant. A real feeling of having learned something to take away and think about"
Nicola Flannery
Paddy Power Plc


"Every subject was relevant and current"
Veronica O’Brien
Irish Water


"A very useful conference for all DP Practitioners and a great opportunity to share experiences with other practitioners in the field"
Catriona O’Sullivan
University College Cork


"This year, I was very happy with all the presentations. Thank you for organising it"
Irina Sharapova
Kerry Group Plc


"I found the conference not only to be practical, but enjoyable which was down to the standard and quality of the presenters"
Martina McKenna
Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board