Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection - eLearning Programme

Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection

(eLearning Programme)


The Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection (“PC.dp”), the world's leading practical qualification on the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is now available on a Distance Learning basis.


The Programme

"Due to my many other commitments, being able to study at my own convenience and access content
on-demand was invaluable"

The Distance Learning Programme provides candidates with the opportunity to study the material in their own time and at their own pace, either at home or in the office. The comprehensive materials consist of 14 learning modules. Each module contains self-assessment questions (with answers) to allow candidates to test their knowledge and to prepare for the online examination.


The Exam

When candidates are ready, they can proceed to take the online examination. The examination is ‘open book’, meaning that candidates can refer to their materials, books and notes during the examination.


The Fee

The fee for the Distance Learning Programme is €2,295. A discount of 10% is available for each additional candidate from your organisation enrolling at the same time.


The Programme is wholly on-demand enabling you to learn at your own pace

Syllabus and Examination Board

The Syllabus for the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection Programme is available for download here. Information on the Members of the Examination Board is available here



The Institute of Banking, the LIA and the Insurance Institute of Ireland award CPD hours for the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection.


Register of Qualified Data Protection Practitioners

The online register of those who have gained the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection can be viewed here.


Continuing Professional Development

The GDPR requires data protection professionals to maintain their knowledge on an ongoing basis. Therefore, the Examination Board has stipulated that candidates are required to complete one designated training course per year after the first anniversary of successfully completing their qualification. Designated training courses are listed in the online FAQs. Distance Learning candidates will be able to complete the designated courses on a distance learning basis.


Further Information

If you have a query about the Programme, please:

  • visit the online FAQs
  • telephone PDP on +353 (0)1 695 0405
  • contact us by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Three easy ways to enrol onto the Programme:

  • apply online
  • telephone PDP on +353 (0)1 695 0405
  • contact us by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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“I found the eLearning programme very convenient. I was able to review modules in my own time, and take the exam in the comfort of my own home.”
Grace Kelly
Risk and Controls Officer
Dixons Carphone



“I really enjoyed the Programme. It was easy to access, the course materials were excellent. All the technology worked smoothly. Any queries I had were dealt with efficiently by friendly staff. I would definitely recommend taking PDP courses to others.”
Candice Pressinger
Senior Security Consultant



“For anyone working in the area of Data Protection, the Practitioner Certificate is a must. I studied the course through distance learning which afforded me time to study at my own convenience which was invaluable due to my busy schedule. The modules were very informative and also gave you an insight as to how other industries are coping with everyday issues.”
Jan Corcoran
Head of Finance
Dillon Eustace


"I am delighted to have passed the examination and I now feel much more qualified to work in this field."
Judith Hills
Legal Associate
Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd


"The eLearning materials were excellent and I liked the way that the test questions made me think things through - and therefore did a much better job of preparing, both for the exam and for real world questions."
Andrew Jackson
Head of Data Protection


"The eLearning Qualification Programme was well set out with several modules and self-assessment questions and WP29 further reading. The material was well-presented and in particular the self-assessment questions with multiple choice A-D were excellent practice for the style of exam questions."
David Mayers
Data Protection Officer
Northern Ireland Housing Executive


"I’m delighted to have completed the eLearning qualification programme! I found the course to be well structured, concise and appropriately complimented by practical examples to aid understanding. Thanks again."
Dawn Carney
Head of Research Contracts
National University of Ireland, Galway


"The Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection Distance Learning programme is perfect for individuals wishing to expand their knowledge on EU data protection law at their own pace, wherever based. The course modules set out the subject matter of the GDPR in a clear and simple manner, allowing for a thorough understanding not only of the spirit of the law, but also, of how it should be applied in practice.”
Roxanne Meilak Borg
Data Protection Officer
University of Malta


"The Distance Learning Programme has afforded me a global perspective on issues of data privacy. Having successfully completed the course, I feel further equipped and empowered to provide expert advice to public officers and members of the public on matters of data privacy. Indeed, I am delighted to join a cadre of globally recognized data protection professionals."
Chadwick Noel
Freedom of Information Officer
Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


"The practitioner certificate is a must for anyone working with Data Protection. I am delighted to have passed the certification and look forward to applying the skills and knowledge gained throughout the program"
Julie Groves
Information Assurance
Capital One


"I found the course to be thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening in a number of areas. I have managed to apply the knowledge gained through the course already in my day to day role."
Brendan Byrne
Senior Managing Consultant Security & Privacy


"Having the ability to study towards a Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection using the distance learning programme was really helpful. Due to my many other commitments, being able to study at my own convenience was invaluable. The course content was clear and concise and provided all the necessary information required to sit the exam. The accompanying videos were well presented."
David Hardman
Cyber Assurance Expert
Ports of Jersey


"The structure and contents of the Practitioner Certificate are world class. PDP has not only groomed credible practitioners in Europe, but also globally, via its up-to-date pragmatic modules. First class without a doubt!"
Noriswadi Ismail
Quotient Consulting (Malaysia)


"The Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection is an invaluable course for those practising in the area of data protection."
Olive McDaid
Senior Lawyer
KPMG Legal Services


"The qualification sets a recognised standard for data protection professionals, which clearly demonstrates a level of expertise that is able to offer confidence to businesses and individuals alike. I am delighted to have passed the exam."
Graham Bunce
General Manager
Appco Group



"I’m so pleased that I passed, it’s made my month! I really enjoyed the course, and found the videos very helpful. Learning from home was fine. I got into a good rhythm with it and felt I was able to control my learning a lot more."
Poppy Offer
Data Protection Specialist


"I found this to be an enjoyable and challenging course, tailored to those who seek an industry recognised qualification."
Rich Brameld
Data Protection and Compliance Manager
RWE Npower PLC


"The study for the DP Practitioners Certificate was challenging but ultimately very informative and rewarding. I now take great pride in the fact that when I speak to the Aviva business on a DP matter I know that I’m qualified to do so"
Paul Davidson
Data Protection Specialist


"Taking this course and preparing for the exam has given me the confidence to deal and advise on a wealth data protection topics. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who deals with data protection questions in their workplace and/or wants to gain a better understanding of the subject."
Michelle Hayward
Senior Corporate Counsel


"I am delighted to have passed the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection. The knowledge I acquired during the programme as a whole has, and will continue to be put to good use in my role as Data Protection Officer."
John Poole
Controls Manager
Sun Life Financial of Canada


"The course was very enjoyable and engaging. The examination was based on applying legislation and knowledge to practical cases rather than a test of how much information you could remember. I am delighted that I passed the exam and to have a qualification that is very much respected, as well as letters after my name!"
Bleneta Carr
Pearson Education


"I have very much enjoyed learning from home as I could fit the learning around other commitments, juggling my time as needed. The reading material content was well supported by the videos, which broke up the learning and both materials were very concise."
Leigh Fyson
Senior Specialist Data Protection
DST Systems


"I am delighted to have achieved this qualification. The Certificate sets a recognised standard for data protection professionals and it has provided me with the knowledge and confidence of data protection requirements."
Joanne Maurizi
Assistant Manager


"Attaining the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection evidences that I have the in-depth knowledge and understanding of data protection issues required to ensure our firm remains compliant with the requirements of the legislation."
Helen Hassen
Quality & Investigations Manager
Brewin Dolphin


"Synectics Solutions recognises that compliance with data protection regulation is critical to all organisations that handle personal information. It has never had a greater focus than at the present time. Having looked at the training and professional qualifications available, we concluded that the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection was the most appropriate for our business."
Steve Sands
Head of Security
Synectics Solutions


"I am extremely proud and pleased to have passed the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection. I found the courses and the exam thought provoking, it has made me realise that Data Protection is a much bigger subject than I envisaged. I now feel confident having a recognised qualification under my belt."
Emma Drew
Data Protection Analyst, Compliance
Canada Life


"This qualification is the foundation for supporting my colleagues across the diverse business areas."
Linda Downey
Information Risk and Privacy


"I am delighted to have gained this qualification. It was an excellent course and a valuable and interesting experience."
Alexandra Bain
Senior Legal Counsel
Cable & Wireless Communications


"I'm so pleased to have achieved this qualification. The course content was excellent."
Cindy Knott
Professional Support Lawyer
Slaughter & May


"The exam required thorough revision of all material provided. I am proud of having achieved this valuable qualification"
Sabine Duffy
Legal Counsel


"I am really pleased to have passed the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection. I feel more confident in my role as Data Protection Officer having undertaken this comprehensive study."
Claire Dumbleton
Knowledge Manager
The Society and College of Radiographers


"I am delighted to have passed the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection. The end-of-course examination was challenging and successfully obtaining this professional qualification has given me greater confidence and a more extensive knowledge base to go forward in my career."
Matthew James
Privacy & Communications Advisor


"If you are looking for a specialised course and a formal qualification in Data Protection, then this course is exactly what you need. The distance learning method involving video lectures and course material is comprehensive and allows you to study at your convenience and from the comfort of your home. I highly recommend PDP."
David Cauchi
Head of Compliance
Malta Data Protection Commissioner's Office


I found the course practical, informative and very well run. I am delighted I took the time out to complete the course and to have been successful in passing the PC.dp."
Louise Colgan
Data Protection Officer
Central Bank of Ireland